Alpha and Omega

Alpha and Omega, First and Last, I pray:
be my first thought every morning,
and my last thought every night.

Claim my first allegiance,
my last full measure of devotion.

Take first place in my heart,
and rule over every last affection.

Make me first to serve,
last to seek credit.

Let me please you first,
and all others last, amen.


Nat said...

I really liked the pray, it is inspiring.

I actually came across your pray because I was looking for a symbol for my softball team that I am starting up. We are called alpha and omega. I was wondering a couple things 1. could we use your symbol for our team logo? 2. If we can, were did you get the writing/font for it so we could use it to for lettering on our jersey.



Hoss said...

Nat, I wish I could help you, but I didn't create the logo myself, and don't own it. Sorry about that.