A Fourth Century Prayer

’Glory be to God in the highest, and upon earth peace, good-will among men.’ We praise You, we sing hymns to You, we bless You, we glorify You, we worship You by Your great High Priest; You who are the true God, who are the Unbegotten One, the only inaccessible Being. For Your great glory, O Lord and heavenly King, O God the Father Almighty, O Lord God, the Father of Christ the immaculate Lamb, who takes away the sin of the world, receive our prayer, You Who sit upon the cherubim. For You alone are holy, You alone are the Lord Jesus, the Christ of the God of all created nature, and our King, by whom glory, honor, and worship be to You. Amen.

(a fourth-century morning prayer from the Apostolic constitutions, a collection of documents meant to give direction to Christian leaders on discipline, worship and doctrine, by way of Alan Fadling's blog)

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