Evening Prayer on a Snowy Day

Good evening, good Lord!

So busy are we
about so many trivial things...

Perhaps that's why
you spent this day
blanketing us with snow,
slowing our steps,
hitting our pause button
and grinding the traffic of our business
to a halt...

* * *

I needed that, Lord.
I needed to be inconvenienced,
interrupted, slowed down
- stopped -
by the pure, soft beauty
of your presence,
settling gently, flake by flake;
dressing me and my world
in a garment of pure grace...

Let the snow fall on my upturned face,
let me catch its sweetness on my tongue
and taste your presence...

Am I too old, Lord,
for making angels in the snow?
Then send a snowy angel
to make of me
what you would have me be...

Even as the snow chills my limbs
let your touch melt my heart
and draw me inside
to where the fire of your love
burns for me always,
crackling, bright and warm...

Remind me, Lord,
of those who are burdened by this weather
and empty my pockets
to shelter and serve them...

Later, Lord, in the quiet of night
the snow will slow and stop
and by morning our pace will quicken again...

Keep us mindful then of these moments
when the blanket of your presence
stills and warms our hearts
close to you...


(From A Concord Pastor Comments blog)

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