A Prayer Before Writing

Lord God Adonai,
I am about to write.
I have nothing to say,
nothing to offer.
I am a poor writer,
and an even poorer Christian.
And yet I must try
to find words
that will bring into being
something that has never been before.
Help me, Lord.
Inspire me.
Empower me.
Flow through me.
Grant that I may write
better than I can write,
and thus know that
all the honor and glory and thanks
belong to you,
in Jesus' name, amen.


Susan said...

Yes, that's it. Thanks for the reminder.

Hoss said...

Thanks for commenting, Susan!

chelsea said...

Right, we should ask for Gods guidance first in everything we do.
Very nice post!

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Jessie Jenkins said...

Thank you of this prayer. Using it often while I have a hard time writing in school. It has helped more than you know. God bless you!