Abba, Father,
as of today,
I've made it to 55.

It seems like a signpost of sorts,
but I pray, let it not be a speed limit,
or a limit of any kind.
Let it not be as far or as fast as I can go.

I rejoice that,
as old as I am,
55 is not nearly so old
as it once was.
I thank you
that I am not nearly
as decrepit
as I once imagined
people of this age to be.

Thank you that you have ordained
at least this many days for me.
Thank you that my life's journey
has been showered with so many blessings
and such abundant mercy and grace
as to boggle the mind.

Thank you that I have no regrets,
and few sorrows.

Thank you for a faithful, lovely wife,
such wonderful children,
and beautiful grandchildren
as I have.

Please let the days that remain to me
be healthy,
pleasing to you,
and a blessing to others,
in Jesus' name, amen.

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Concord Pastor said...

Happy Birthday, Bob! In a few weeks I turn 66 - you're a young 'un!