Say But the Word

Lord, have mercy.

In light of yesterday's news from Aubrey that Calleigh's lungs can no longer be considered free of complications, I kneel before you, Father, and ask you to heal.

Heal. Heal. Come to her assistance; make haste to help her. Only you can save, Lord; only you can deliver. Only you can make her whole. Say but the word, Lord, and my granddaughter will be healed. Say the word. Say the word, Lord. Please. Heal her and make her whole in body as well as in spirit. Clear her lungs. Re-create her pancreas. Expel all anomalies and dysfunctions in her body. Invade her body with health. Cover her with your hand. Make her and keep her whole, for her sake, for your sake, and the sake of your name, in Jesus’ name, amen.


Concord Pastor said...

Bob, please be sure of my prayers for your grandaughter and for all in your family who love her. I pray that God's healing will touch Calleigh and God's angels enfold all of you in their love.


Hoss said...

Amen to that. Thank you, my friend and brother.