On My Daughter's Birthday

She's all grown up, Lord, and has been for quite a while now.

Today is her birthday,
and I still can't process
that she is all she is.
You have answered my prayers for her
and her mother's prayers for her
with such kindness and generosity.
You have made her faithful like Ruth and regal like Esther,  
fierce like Deborah and brilliant like Abigail.

I give you so much praise and thanks
for my only daughter,
my firstborn, my Blossom;
for the child you gave me,
the woman she grew into,
the love we share,
the pride and joy I feel in her,
the blessings you've given her,
and the blessings you've given me through her.

Please bless her abundantly today
and in all the days to come.
Keep her safe and well.
Keep her marriage strong and beautiful.
Prosper her and her husband,
answer their prayers,
supply their needs,
fulfill their dreams.

Let their children's healing appear, soon, please,
and reward their love and faithfulness and diligence as parents
with beauty and grace, charm and wisdom,
health and wholeness, integrity and strength in their children
as you have done for me in mine.

Show her every kindness,
grant her your favor,
use her,
bless her,
hold her,
in Jesus' name, amen.

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