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I am songwriter Eric Gichira. Would like to bring to your attention a Christian lyricbook that I’ve just published. Its title is: To Worship You Alone. See below for details about the eBook. It’s inspiring and transformational and the good news is that it’s now available on Would also be pleased if you’d list it or preview it in your website, blog or newsletter. And hey, tell your family and circle of friends about it.

You can purchase it from any of these portals.
Here are the links to the book: [US] [UK] [CANADA] [AUSTRALIA]

About The Book:

To Worship You Alone is my latest lyricbook on worship. It’s the 4th title in the amazing series: Lyrics for Christian Songwriters.
Every human is called to worship God. It’s only by worshipping Him that we find true happiness and joy.
What is worship, you might ask? It’s you communicating your love and desire for Him; appreciating His grace and mercy; and yes, enjoying some quiet time in His presence.
Worship is an expression of what God is (and who He is) to you. Yet, in our expression, we use our voices, hands, feet, body or go further and use musical instruments in our worship to God.
The lyrics in this book are deep and Scripture-based. I explore worship in its biblical forms and expressions. I go beyond the musical expressiveness of worship to reveal to you, my readers, that worship is really intimacy with God.
Worship is also an act of faith, done in full knowledge and confidence that God hears you when you reach out and worship Him. And part of the benefits of worship really is that God reveals Himself to you, and you learn more about Him each time you worship Him.
Worship touches your body and soul and brings healing to you. There’s so much power in worship. Access that power today and live a victorious life.
Buy this book – To Worship You Alone – and read through these powerful and life transforming lyrics. And as you do it, give the Lord all the glory He deserves. Worship Him in His presence and never stop worshipping Him. He is the one you must worship. So, make worshipping God your lifestyle.
Encounter God through worship. Exalt Him in your deepest expression as you reflect on who He really is. He is God Almighty. Pour yourself out to Him in reverence and submission. And remember God is worthy of your attention, affection and adoration.
To my fellow songwriters, hope you’ll find – To Worship You Alone – a helpful book. It’s a resource that I’ve put together with you in mind. I pray it helps you accomplish everything you set out to achieve in your Christian life and in your Music Ministry.
Hopefully, this lyricbook will help just one person to worship God and put another smile on God’s face. Hopefully, too, another songwriter will learn to write a better worship song. Be inspired to do it continuously – and to inspire others to do likewise.
God bless.

Eric Gichira