Jonah's Song

I cried out to you in my distress,
and you heard me, Lord;
feeling like I was in hell,
I called, and you answered.

You hurled me down,
into the very depths,
and the deep waters swallowed me,
the waves and currents dragged me under.

I felt abandoned,
far from your watchful eye.
But I turned to you nonetheless.

I was engulfed.
Helpless to escape.

When I thought I was at the bottom,
I went deeper still.
Yet you found me there,
and began drawing me up.

When I stopped struggling
and trying to help myself,
I cast myself on you
and depended wholly on your strength,
and I felt your hand.

I don't know how the godless can manage
without the hope and help that is found in you.

I will sing a grateful song
and sacrifice to you.
Let my generosity express my praise,
for you alone are my salvation.

(based on Jonah 2:2-9; image from

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