My Death Wish

Let me die, working.
Still tackling plans unfinished,
tasks undone!
Clean to its end, swift may my race be run.
No laggard steps, no faltering
No shirking;
Let me die, working!

Let me die, thinking.
Let me fare forth with
An open mind, fresh secrets
To unfold, new truths to find,
My soul undimmed, alert,
No question blinking,
Let me die, thinking!

Let me die, laughing.
No sighing o'er past sins;
They are forgiven. Spilled on
This earth are all the joys of heaven
The wine of life
The cup of mirth quaffing
Let me die, laughing.

(a prayer by Dr. S. Hall Young, h/t to my friend James N. Watkins for sharing it)

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