Saturday Psalm #4

Lord, I trust you're listening--
You, my Defender and my Advocate.

Proclaim Jubilee in my heart, mind, and life.
Have mercy on me and answer my prayer:

For freedom from insults, real or imagined,
freedom from lingering regrets and resentments,
freedom from people-pleasing cares.

I am sure of this:
I belong to you.
I matter to you.
I am clean in your sight.

Set an angelic sentinel at the entrance to my mind,
a guard against untrust and ungrace,
especially in the night watches.

Let me offer you pleasing sacrifices,
and passionate worship.
No looking back.
No wishing or longing for what is not.
Just your smiling face,
the joy of your presence,
the abundance of this moment, this season,
and the restful spirit
of a soul kept by you.

(photo illustration by gmarcelo via stock.xchng)

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