Saturday Psalm #17

Attend to me, Adonai,
be alert to my prayer,
come close as I pray,
even as you give me grace to pray rightly and honestly.

Let every syllable I pray come first from your mind and heart,
and let your eyes look on me with kindness and grace, because of your Son, my Savior.
You know my heart;
you see me more clearly than anyone,
I can hide nothing from you, who sees me just as I am.
Guard my lips, even now, as I cry out to you,
and let me pray truly, sincerely, honestly.
Guard my feet, let me walk uprightly,
and keep me from slipping into sin even as I pace before you.

I cry out to you, knowing you will hear me, O God:
Abba, read my heart, and bend your ear to my whispered pleadings.
Show me your love,
reveal your salvation, you who save all who trust in you.
Keep me as the apple of your eye,
and hide me under the shadow of your wings,
from those who attack me, from my deadly enemies, who surround me.
Save me from their hard, stubborn hearts,
their proud, wagging tongues.
They would love it to see me shamed,
they would thrill to thwart my best efforts.
They are destroyers, not builders,
anxious to tear me apart like a lion lurking in the bush.

Arise, O Lord, disappoint them. Frustrate them.
Deliver me from my Enemy’s attacks with your strong arm,
Save me from his messengers and tools with your mighty hand.
Keep me from all those who pursue worldly agendas
and selfish ends.
Turn them, Lord, according to your lovingkindness,
lest their children become like them.
As for me, I just want to see your face,
I just long to stand before you in righteousness:
Satisfy me, every morning, with your presence,
and that will be enough.

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