Saturday Psalm #66

I shout with joy to you God!
I sing the glory of your name;
I praise you, I give you glory.

I say to you, "How awesome are your deeds!
Your power is so complete
that your enemies cower in fear,
and all the earth bows down to you;
the darling buds of Spring give a wave offering,
and early robins and cardinals
sing praise to your name.

You have done great things, Lord,
you have worked wonders on my behalf.

You made the churning waves solid
beneath my feet.
You restored to me
the joy of your salvation.

You rule in might,
and the more so when I am made aware of
my weakness,
my utter inadequacy.
You show yourself sufficient over and over again.

I praise you, God,
My heart and my lips resound with praise for you;
you have preserved my life
and kept my feet from slipping.

You allowed this time of testing,
and your refining fire made me still stronger.

I am your love slave, your prisoner,
and yet I complained of the burdens I carry.
But no more.
You have lifted my head,
you have brought me through fire and water,
you have once more opened a verdant vista
to my eyes.

I renew my covenant with you,
and fulfill my vows to you,
those vows my lips promised and my mouth spoke
when I was young and ignorant.

But now I am older and wiser,
and I still bring my offering to you,
my pittance,
but my best,
and my all.

I will stop my complaining, with your help,
and focus on telling others what you've done for me.
I will pour out my petitions
and my praise
in your presence.

Despite my sinful, selfish ways,
you have once more listened
and heard my voice in prayer.

Praise to you, God,
for not rejecting my prayer
or withholding your love from me!

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