Another Psalm 20

Adonai, answer me in my distress;
God of Jacob, protect me.
Send me help from your sanctuary
and grant me favor from your very throne.
I have given you little
and you have given me so much;
I take that as a clear signal of your gracious willingness
to answer my pleas.
Grant my heart’s desire
and prosper my plans,
that I may shout for joy
and praise your glorious name.
Fulfill my petitions.
and give victory to me
from the endless supply of your heavenly hoard,
by the matchless strength of your right hand.
I trust in you, Lord God Adonai,
not in any earthly thing,
least of all myself.
My resources are paltry and passing;
your favor is all I need.
Grant victory, Adonai!
Answer my humble cry.

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