On My Son's Birthday

            Oh, my Lord, what a gift you gave me in my son. 
            How I thank you for him,
            and for his thirty-three years of life so far.
            Today, and on every day that is to come,
            please bless him and keep him.
            Smile on him and be gracious to him.
            Show him your favor and give him your peace.
            Continue and increase the good work you've begun in him.
            Make him strong and courageous,
            Make him bold and energetic.
            Fill his heart, mind, and life with all that is true,
            honorable, right, pure, lovely, and admirable.
            Answer his prayers.
            Fulfill his dreams.
            Supply all his needs.
            Keep his marriage strong and beautiful.
            Make his home safe and happy.
            Give him wisdom in parenting,
            blessing in his work,
            responsibility and generosity in his finances,
            sweetness in worship,
            focus in study,
            and enjoyment in his relationships.
            Reward all his love and faithfulness
            with beauty and grace,
            prosperity and plenty,
            in Jesus' name, amen.

1 comment:

Rayne Dabney said...

I stand in agreement with you for this prayer. He is a special young man who has awesome, godly parents.