Saturday Psalm 9

I praise you, Lord, wholeheartedly;
I revel in your marvelous works.
I rejoice in you;
I lift my voice in song to you, Most High.

You turn the tide when I need it most; you set me up for victory.
You're always looking out for me; you always do right by me.
You make the wicked look stupid, and shame the proud;
You string them along and they are caught in their own traps.

Meanwhile, you can be depended on; your throne is exalted and your judgments are right.
You do all things well.
You are a refuge for the oppressed, a serene port in a storm.
You are utterly trustworthy and always faithful.

I sing to you, my King. I will boast about you,
my Defender, my Rememberer, my Uplifter.

Have mercy on me, Lord; look on me in my moments of darkness,
be patient with me in my moments of doubt,
and I will dance with you when the morning sun dawns.

In your wisdom, let those who lash out at others be silenced.
In your justice, let those who do evil be defeated.
In your compassion, let the needy not be forgotten, nor the hope of the poor unrewarded.

Win the day, Lord; exalt yourself and your ways over the ways of mere mortals.
Humble the proud, teach the ignorant, and hide the righteous in the shadow of your wing.

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