Saturday Psalm #14

I am not the smartest person there is—
I’m not even the smartest person I know—
But I am smart enough to see the foolishness
of those who deny you, Lord,
of those who are corrupt and vile
and dismissive of you. 
You see it all.
You look from sunrise to sunset
for a speck of righteousness,
for a hint of holiness on this great wide earth.
You look to me, too, I know,
and see that I am as ruined by sin as the next guy.
We all are.
I have no claim on grace.
I have no place to stand.
Only to kneel.
And as I do, I find you there.
You separate yourself from evildoers
but show up in the company of the humble and broken.
You call them righteous.
You are my refuge.
My only hope.
My only good.
Send your salvation to me again, still.

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