Small Package Prayer

God, of grace and glory, thank You for the rest of the night and the fresh energy to begin a new day. As the brightness breaks through the clouds of the morning sky, illuminate my heart with Your own darkness-dispelling presence. Drive away the clouds of doubt that question Your faithfulness in trying circumstances and the clouds of fear that make me cautious when I need to be courageous.

I know I can make a pretty small package when I get all wrapped up in myself. Set me free from self-concern so that I may focus on others. Renew my assurance that I am loved and forgiven by You so that I may be a communicator cator of Your grace to the people around me. Remind me that grace is kept only if it is given away. All You have taught me on the mountaintops of victory or the valleys of trials has been to help me say to others, "I know what you're going through-I've been there!" Help me see life as a school of grace equipping me for a ministry of sharing.

Thank You, Lord, for what I will learn today that will enable me to help someone who will need just what I've discovered.

(from Quiet Moments with God by Lloyd John Ogilvie; photo via

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