Saturday Psalm #21

I will rejoice in your strength, O Lord;
and oh, how greatly do I rejoice in your salvation!
You have given me my heart's desire,
and have not withheld anything good from me.
You have blessed me with all sorts of good things;
you treat me like a prince—which is what I am in your eyes!

I asked you to save my life, and you did;
even giving me long life.
I exult when you win the victory,
and you robe me and garland me like a champion.
You have given me eternal and temporal blessings,
and I am happiest when I feel your presence and sense your smile.
because I trust in you, Lord,
and because of that I will not be swayed or tripped up or turned aside.

You will triumph over all your enemies;
your strong right hand will crush all who oppose you.
You will destroy them in flaming fire when you appear,
they will be engulfed in your wrath, and consumed by your judgment fires.
You will castrate evil
and stop it from reproducing on earth.
Those who plot against you will be foiled,
and their malicious schemes will finally be frustrated.
They will run for shelter and find none
when you aim your arrows at them and call them to account.

I praise you, Lord, for all your glorious power;
I celebrate your mighty works with words and music.

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