thank you for the teachers who made a difference in my life:
Mrs. Hall (first grade) and Mrs. Hoffman (second grade)--
there must be a reason I remember their names;
my brother Don,
George Krider,
Norm Murdoch,
Mr. Phillips,
Mr. Thielmeyer,
Mr. Klein,
then-Major Rader,
Brigadier Ditmer,
Mrs. Brigadier Ditmer,
Major Dorothy Breen,
Dr. Beeners,
Larry Pechawer,
Dr. Carey,
Rabbi Joel Cohen,
and so many more, who maybe don't come to mind not for lack of ability or influence but because of my poor memory.
Thank you for all who had patience with me, and pushed me, and humored me, and found ways to get through to me, in Jesus' name, amen.

(photo via everystockphoto.com)

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