Saturday Psalm #62

I'm hushed before you, waiting quietly, Lord,
for my salvation comes from you.
You alone are my bedrock,
my foundation,
the fortress where I can hide,
feeling safe.

I know enemies array against me,
They see the chinks in my armor,
the most vulnerable parts of my soul.
They're out to get me,
and I know it.

But I remain hushed before you,
placing my confidence in you.
You alone are my safe place,
my mountain retreat,
the palisade surrounding me.
My salvation, my honor come
from you alone.
You are my eyrie,
my crag of safety.

Increase my trust in you, Lord.
Turn my heart constantly to you,
my shelter, my refuge.

I am the lowest and smallest
of your servants,
unworthy of your notice,
yet you lift me up,
you place me in a privileged position,
and you prosper me like I've never dreamed.

As everyone should know,
power belongs to you, Lord,
and you are unfailingly loving.
You have been more than fair,
so much more than fair
to me
and to all you have made. Amen.

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