Saturday Psalm #64

Hear me, O God, as I pour out my lament;
protect me from the Enemy's attacks.
Shelter me from gossips
and negative people,
from anyone with sharp tongues
and deadly mouths.

Help me to walk with eyes wide open,
not fearing ambush,
but not ignorant of the snares in my path, either.

Save me from people's intrigues,
deliver me from unkind assumptions
and those who whisper in secret
instead of just approaching a person
and speaking with honesty and integrity.

Lord, pierce the unforgiveness that's out there,
and strike down the walls of bitterness
and separation
that I know grieve your heart more than mine.

Twist cunning tongues into knots;
ruin the plans of my Enemy.

Let everyone revere you, Lord God;
let everyone proclaim your works
and ponder what you have done.

Let me rejoice in you, LORD,
and take refuge in you;
let all the upright in heart praise you!


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