Saturday Psalm #78

O Lord, bless my teaching
in speaking and in writing;
grant me words worth listening to.
In parable,
in mystery,
new insights or old,
let me give a testimony that will make you glad.

Let my words be accessible to young and old;
let everyone grasp
the praiseworthy deeds of the LORD,
your power, and the wonders you have done,
the statutes decreed to your people,
the law you established in Israel,
which you commanded them
to teach their children,
so the next generation would know,
even the children yet to be born,
and they in turn would tell their children.

Let everyone put their trust in you
and not forget your deeds.

Let us not be like our predecessors,
and like so many these days,
a stubborn and rebellious generation,
whose hearts are not loyal to you,
whose spirits are not faithful to you.

Let us not
turn back on the day of battle;

Let us not
forsake our covenant with you
and refuse your guidance.

Let us not
forget what you have done,
the wonders you have shown us.

Let us not
forget your miracles,
both in ancient times
and the ones we have seen with our own eyes:

Seas divided,
walls of water,
a cloud by day
and fire by night.
Water from rocks in the desert
and manna every morning,
but they continued to sin against you,
rebelling against the Most High;
they willfully put you to the test
by demanding the food they craved;
they spoke against you, saying,
"Can God spread a table in the desert?

When water gushed from a rock,
and streams flowed abundantly,
they kept complaining,
demanding meat from your hand.

Save us from such complaining and faithlessness, Lord God.
Save us from your anger.

Bread of heaven, feed us till we want no more!

Let us never forget that you are our Rock,
that God Most High is our Redeemer.

Let our hearts remain loyal to you,
whatever our outward circumstances.
Teach us to measure our success
by your mercy,
your forgiveness,
your constant forbearance and goodness to us.

What you have done before,
do again, Adonai!

Lead us like sheep through a desert.
Guide us safely, and teach us to be unafraid.
Drive out our enemies before us,
and give us the fulfillment of your every good promise.

You are a sanctuary for your people,
like Zion, which you established long ago.

Make your people today like Israel of old,
and our leaders like David the shepherd king. Amen.

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