Saturday Psalm #79

O God, the world is too much with us.
The ways of the world defile your people,
and weaken your church.
We are prey for our enemies,
and we cooperate in our own destruction!
We turn on each other
and devour each other with our words,
our attitudes,
our sin.
We make our Enemy’s job easy!

How long, O LORD, will you let this continue?
How can you let your children,
your chosen ones,
live so deceitfully, so unfruitfully?

It would be different if it came from people who do not acknowledge you or call on your name;
but it is your own who devour and destroy your house.

Deliver us from the sins of the fathers;
may your mercy come quickly to meet us,

for we are in desperate need.
Help us, O God our Savior,
for the glory of your name;
deliver us and forgive our sins
for your name's sake.

Save us from making a mockery of you,
of your Gospel,
of all you have taught and commanded and done for us.

May the groans of the wounded come before you;
by the strength of your arm
preserve those who have been hurt by friendly fire.
Throw our Enemy’s attacks into his teeth,
even seven times over.
Then we your people,
the sheep of your pasture,
will praise you forever;
from generation to generation
we will recount your praise.

(based on Psalm 79; photo via

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