Saturday Psalm #139

O Lord, you know me.
Better than I know myself.
You know all there is to know about me.

You know what I will do
before I do it.
And you know why, too.
You know what I'm thinking
before I think it.

You see me when I'm alone,
and you see me in a crowd.

You know what I am going to say
before I say it.
You precede me.
You follow me.
You hold my hand.

Wow. Just wow, Lord.
It's too wonderful to grasp.
Yet I know it's true.

I can go nowhere that you are not.
I can try to flee from you,
and you will still be there before I arrive.
You are never absent.
Never unaware.
Never surprised.
Never inattentive.

Wherever I go, you are there to guide me,
and your strength will be there to support me.

Even the deepest darkness won't separate me from you,
for you are light,
and you enlighten all things.

You even see into the most delicate, inner parts of my body--
my nerves,
my cells,
my capillaries and corpuscles.

From my mother’s womb,
you have seen me.

Thank you for making me so complex
and for knowing me so intimately!
Your workmanship is incredible, absolutely incredible.
You watched every moment as I was formed,
and monitored my every move in the seclusion of the womb.
You knew me then.
You know me now.
You've known me every moment in between.
Every day of my life up to now was recorded in your book.
Every moment of my future is laid out with precision.

I am amazed that you think about me, O God.
I am finite, but your thoughts toward me
are infinite.
How is that possible?
How can that be?

I don't understand you, God,
but I know you understand me.

I cannot grasp the "why" or "when" of your ways.
But you chart all my ways.

Open me like a book, O God,
examine my heart and mind.
Point to anything that displeases you
and lead me where you want me to go.

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