Saturday Psalm 142

I cry aloud to you, LORD;
Listen, please.
Have mercy, please.

I complain a lot, I know,
but please be patient
while I tell you my troubles again.

As weary as I get,
I know you know my way.
You see the traps
that are hidden in my path.
You discern how, on my left and right,
are dangers and unkind people.

But there are many others, O LORD,
who love me
and seek my good.
There are many others
who will not abandon me
or stab me in the back.
There are many others
who will be faithful,
and kind,
and forgiving.

And, most importantly,
you are my refuge,
my portion while I live.

You see my desperate
and frequent need;
rescue me from false brothers,
from deceitful
and grudge-holding people.

Set me free day by day
and moment by moment
to praise your name
and worship you with my life,
in Jesus' name, amen.

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