Just One Single Day

Thank you, Lord, 
for today, just one single day, 
you have given me grace to pray, 
coffee to drink, 
food to eat, 
clothes to wear. 

You allowed me 
to wake in my own bed, 
in health, 
and in (mostly) my right mind.

I have hope of meaningful work, 
innumerable comforts, 
and a happy conclusion to this day. 

By your grace, I can see, hear, touch, taste, feel.
By your grace, I know love and companionship. 
By your grace, I have the means to buy, and abundance to give. 
By your grace, I am forgiven and forgiving. 

For this and more, 
just one day's worth, 
I give you my most heartfelt thanks! 


(photo by RachelScottYoga via pixabay.com)

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