Times and Seasons

Thank you, Lord, that the seasons of my life 
have included so many births, and so few deaths; 
more times to plant, than times of plucking up that which is planted; 
No times to kill, and many times to heal; 
infrequent times to break down, and frequent times to build up; 
Fewer times to weep than times to laugh; 
Fewer times to mourn than times to dance. 

Thank you for those times to cast away stones, and times of gathering stones together; 
thank you for times of embracing, and times to refrain from embracing; 
Thank you for so many times to get, and so few times to lose, 
so many times to keep, and so few times to cast away.

Make me wise to recognize times to rend, and times to sew; 
times to keep silence, and times to speak; 
times to love, and times to hate; 
times of war, and times of peace,
in Jesus' name, amen 

(based on Ecclesiastes 3:1-8, KJV; photo via everystockphoto.com).

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