A Prayer of Guigo the Carthusian

Lord how much juice you can squeeze from a single grape!
How much water you can draw from a single well!
How great a fire you can kindle from a tiny spark!
How great a tree you can grow from a tiny seed!

My soul is so dry that by itself it cannot pray;
Yet you can squeeze from it the juice of a thousand prayers.
My soul is so parched that by itself it cannot love;
Yet you can draw from it boundless love for you and for my neighbour.
My soul is so cold that by itself it has no joy;
Yet you can light the fire of heavenly joy within me.
My soul is so feeble that by itself it has no faith;
Yet by your power my faith grows to a great height.

Thank you for prayer, for love, for joy, for faith;
Let me always be prayerful, loving, joyful, faithful.

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