A Prayer of Hans Kung

Veni, sancte Spiritus...[Come, Holy Spirit]...

Lava quod est sordidum--Wash what is stained! Expose the self-satisfaction of the churches and cleanse us of our guilt;

Sana quod est saucium--Heal what is wounded! Help those who have been hurt by an unjust Church law and those who have not been treated fairly in the Church--especially women;

Riga quod est aridum--Water what is barren! Enliven those who have become resigned in the Church and those who have been marginalized and especially let young people live in renewed hope;

Flecte quod est rigidum--Bend what has become rigid! Humiliate the obstinacy of theologians and heirarchies and shake all false security, so that everything will not always remain as it was;

Fove quod est frigidum--Warm what has become cold! Drive out all our fears and anxieties, our prejudices and restrictions, and open our hearts with your love that knows no bounds;

Rege quod est devium--Direct what is going astray! Enable us to call what is error and injustice by its name and to work in the Church and in society for truth, justice, and peace.

(a prayer of Hans Kung, from Why I Am Still a Christian, pp. 104-105)


Eric said...

Thank for finding this one. I wanted to read it again today when I had more time to meditate on it. I'm wondering now about the author and the situations he's confronting as well as my own. -Eric

Hoss said...

Hans Kung is the controversial Catholic theologian who was censored by the Vatican in 1979. He has pretty consistently been at odds with Rome, especially since he "came out" against papal infallibility.

Eric said...

thanks for the thorough response. the meaning of the prayer is much more clear.