For Chile and the Pacific

Lord God Adonai, lover of all humanity,
hear my prayer for the people of Chile
in the wake of last night's earthquake,
and all those in the Pacific
who face danger from resulting tsunamis:

Have mercy, Lord,
on any who are displaced,
or injured,
or bereaved.

Have mercy, Lord,
on all who lose property
or who face evacuation.

Have mercy, Lord,
on all who join in relief, rescue, and cleanup efforts,
who risk their lives to save others,
who sacrifice for the sake of your children.

Have mercy, Lord,
on leaders and decision-makers
and grant them clarity
and decisiveness,
wisdom and effectiveness
in responding to loss and fear.

Have mercy, Lord,
on the souls of any who are swept up and away,
and grant remission of sins and your merciful pardon,
through our Lord Jesus Christ.

Have mercy, Lord,
and move your church,
the Body of Christ,
to compassion
and service
for the victims of this tragedy,
in Jesus' name, amen.

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