Saturday Psalm 10

Sometimes, Lord, you do seem far away, as if
you are hiding yourself in these troubling times.
Such ugliness,
so many conflicts,
so much suffering.
It sure would be nice
if you would intervene, visibly and decisively.
It would be great
if you would stop the wicked in their tracks.
Do you see what's going on in Syria and Iraq,
where the works of your hands are being oppressed and brutalized?
Will you not hold the wicked accountable?
Will you let them continue to spread evil,
speaking and acting as if you don't exist?

And what of those who enrich themselves
on the misfortune of others,
the corrupt, the swindlers, the abusers?
They seem to do whatever they want, without resistance.

They spew blasphemy, curses, lies, and hatred.
They deceive well-meaning and gullible people.
They take advantage of others,
preying on the hopeful,
devouring the conscientious,
and exploiting the weak and poor,
as though you are missing in action,
even blind.

Arise, Lord!
Act, please!

Show yourself.
Show your concern.
Show the world that you are alive, awake, and in control.

Show up for the helpless.
Show up for the orphan.
Show up for the beaten, suffering, despairing ones.

Strike down the wicked.
Beat back their poisonous ways.
Obliterate their progress and profits.

Assert yourself.
Establish justice.
Restore peace.


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