Saturday Psalm 11

Lord, I take refuge in you;
Though sometimes I feel like flying off to the mountains—
when critics and cynics and skeptics and peptics
seem to be aiming for me,
notching arrows on their bowstring
to shoot at me,
and the ground seems to give way under my feet,
leaving me nowhere to stand.

But, Lord, you are still in your holy temple;
you are still on the throne.
Your eyes see everything, your insight still pierces the darkness.
You see my plight no less than their intentions,
And I know you have no desire to see their hateful, violent intentions come to pass.
Remind me, Lord, that sooner or later, you will trip them up;
and they’ll learn the hard way.
Lord, you are righteous; I know that. You love righteousness.
Help me to remain upright, even in times of trial, that I may behold your face.

(based on Psalm 11; photo by David Hepworth via

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